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Brickwork Cleaning

Expert brickwork cleaning services in your local area

Don't let the dirt, grime, and other substances leave long-lasting stains on brick walls. Contact AM Property Services today and let us take care of your external brickwork cleaning.  We provide efficient brickwork cleaning services designed to restore brick walls to their former glory. Has it been a long time since your exterior walls have been cleaned? The exterior brickwork of any property can look weathered and dull after a period of time, AM Property Services can provide a professional external brickwork cleaning service returning the original clean look, like the day they were first installed.

We use a variety of cleaning processes to remove as many stains as possible and give the brickwork of your home or business a new lease of life. Over the years, brickwork can suffer from efflorescence, mortar staining, calcium staining, vanadium staining and manganese staining. 

- Efflorescence is caused by excess moisture from an external source that leaves salt deposits on the masonry surface
- Mortar staining is a result of poor quality smeared pointing or a sloppy bricklaying job
- Calcium staining happens when cement and bricklaying sand with clay sets and reacts, leaving a milk-coloured stain
- Vanadium staining appears due to a number of factors and leaves a yellow, green or reddish-brown stain
- Manganese stains happen when water penetrates the brick and mixes with the manganese used in manufacturing bricks. This leaves a dark blue brown stain on the surface

We can neutralise and remove these stains in a short period of time and without leaving other stains, such as acid burn, which is a sign of a sloppy cleaning job.


We use the best methods available to clean brickwork

Our team of cleaners are highly trained in the use of proper methods of brickwork cleaning. We are mindful of everything that we do to ensure that the brick walls and the rest of your home are not damaged in any way. Our cleaning process starts with sheeting windows and other suitable preparations. We then apply specially formulated brick cleaning products that were carefully chosen for their safe and effective results. The brick cleaners applied on the surface are thoroughly worked in and then rinsed off so as not to leave any stains and to reveal the original colour and texture of your home’s brickwork. We will also remove paint, graffiti, grease and tar.
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