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Solar Panel Cleaning

Solar panel cleaning in your local area

Our friendly team of fully trained experts specialise in the cleaning of solar panels on both domestic or commercial properties.  Solar panels are possibly the main source of supplying energy to your property, they are subject to all aspects of weather elements along with debris, therefore correct cleaning maintenance should be a priority. Incorrect maintenance of your solar panels can not only damage them which will prevent them from working correctly, but it could possibly invalidate your warranty.  The panels absorb the rays from the sun and convert them into energy, therefore the more sun the panels absorb the more energy the panels create.

Clean solar panels can increase their efficiency by at least 20% so regular cleaning can be vital. We recommend that the solar panels are cleaned twice a year to keep your system functioning correctly and working at peak performance. Our solar panel cleaning services use the correct eco-friendly products that will leave your panels sparkling and we can guarantee that they will not cause any damage to your property. Did you know…

Bird droppings – heavy soiling from bird droppings on to the solar panels is one of the biggest issues as they become increasingly stubborn once dry.  Dependant on the weather the bird droppings can dry onto the panels, which means rain water will not be enough to wash it away, this can then cause corrosion problems with your panels.

Pollen/Pesticides – pollen and pesticides leave a sticky residue on the solar panels as they are adhesive substances, this can then cause other substances to stick to the panels.

Rain – rain alone leaves a residue on the panels which causes them to not work to their full capacity.

Pollution - industrial solar panels close to factories or main roads are subject to a build-up of pollution from factory fumes and smoke, some areas are prone to a larger degree of dust which can also cause a build up on the panels.


We use the latest equipment to clean solar panels

We use the latest hi tech cleaning equipment and solutions for all our solar panel cleans, ensuring your solar panels are clean and free from contamination. Having your solar panels professionally cleaned ensures your system works at peak performance. Our team is fully trained and equipped in all aspect of solar panel cleaning, who can check over the system, looking for cracks in the panels and system failures on every clean.  By using the correct equipment and cleaning detergents we ensure all weather elements and debris are removed with no damage to the panels. This is a professional service for both residential and commercial properties.

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