What roof cleaning equiptment to use?

The UK has a temperate climate, which means it is subject to rainfall and other weather conditions that can affect the condition of roofs. Over time, moss and algae can accumulate on roofs in the UK due to constant moisture from rain. These organisms trap moisture against the roof surface and accelerate decay, leading to costly repairs or outright replacement of the roof. Cleaning your roof regularly can help to prevent such issues from occurring, and also improve the appearance of your property. Additionally, debris such as leaves and twigs may accumulate on roofs in the UK, creating an unattractive look and increasing the chances of damage occurring due to blocked drains or gutter overflow. Cleaning your roof can also help to extend its lifespan by removing corrosion and rust which can be caused by the build-up of dirt and other debris on the surface. It is therefore important that you keep your roof clean, or else face a number of potential issues down the line. So now that you know roof cleaning is essential, what roof cleaning equipment should you use? Cleaning a roof typically involves one of two approaches: either pressure washing or the gentler option of soft washing.

Pressure washing roofs

Pressure washing is commonly used, however it can exacerbate existing damage to a roof and cause further problems. The high-pressure jet of water used in pressure washing can dislodge protective granules on the roof, exposing the underlying shingles to ultraviolet rays and premature degradation. Pressure washing may also force water beneath certain types of shingles, leading to mould growth or rotting of the roof structure. In general, pressure washing is not recommended for roof cleaning as it can cause more harm than good. Soft-washing with a low-pressure rinse and appropriate cleaning solutions is a much safer and effective option.

Additionally, many roofs are made of delicate materials such as slate or cedar that can be easily damaged by the high pressure of a power wash. In fact, some roof manufacturers void warranties if roofs are cleaned using a pressure washer. To ensure that your roof is properly maintained and damage-free, it is best to use soft washing techniques when cleaning it.

Soft washing for roofs

Soft washing is a gentle process that uses low-pressure water and specialised cleaning products to remove debris and mildew from the surface of your roof. Unlike pressure washing, soft washing does not use high-pressure jets of water or abrasive materials which can damage your roof. It eliminates the need for costly repairs due to wear and tear from harsh cleaning methods. Soft washing can give your roof a deep clean that will help to keep it looking clean and in good condition for years to come. Additionally, soft washing can also help to improve the look of your home as well as increase its curb appeal. It is an effective and efficient way to keep your roof in top condition without damaging it or the environment around you. In conclusion, soft washing for roofs is a gentle yet effective method of cleaning that can help increase the life of your roof and improve its overall look.

Our step by step guide for soft washing roofs:

1. Safety first

Prior to commencing work, it is important to carry out a meticulous risk assessment of your property. This allows us to develop a tailored method statement for executing the roof cleaning process. Furthermore, we can also mend or substitute any cracked or absent slates.

2. Roof scraping

At the start, removal of any large areas of moss is done using a roof scraper designed and constructed by a roof cleaning specialist. Different scrapers are used depending on the shape of tiles on the roof and they are attached to telescopic poles that allow us to reach all areas. By dragging the moss down towards the gutter line, we can then bag it up and take it away. We make sure to avoid blocking any gutters in the process.

3. Soft washing

After that, we will use specialised cleaning products to clean the roof. This step's purpose is to eradicate organic matter and disintegrate contaminants; we refer to this process as "soft washing" since it does not involve applying high pressure and is very safe for roofs. Soft washing will thoroughly clean your roof, dramatically improving its overall appearance.

4. Apply a biocide treatment

Biocide is applied to kill bacteria and fungus that may have gone unseen during the cleaning process. This helps prevent future growth of spores, moulds, and other organisms on your roof tiles. The biocide also acts as a shield against UV damage and oxidation due to its transparency after application. In addition, it can act as a water repellent, helping to prevent the infiltration of water into small cracks. The biocide will help prolong the life of your roof and keep it looking fresh for many years to come. After application, you can rest assured that your roof is in good condition and prepared to withstand whatever Mother Nature throws at it. Regular maintenance and periodic treatments will help ensure that your roof remains safe and secure for years to come. With proper care and attention, you can be sure that your roof will last a long time.

How often should roofs be cleaned?

After a good cleaning, the roof should remain free of moss and other growth for about 3 to 5 years assuming it is in an urban environment. If you're living in a rural area, this could be cut short. To extend that period, regular maintenance treatments can be done to keep the roof looking clean and lasting longer.

Looking for professional roof cleaning services?

Roof cleaning is best left to the professionals. AM Property Services has the right equipment and experience to clean your roof thoroughly and safely. We use professional products that are specifically designed for roof cleaning, and our advanced soft washing techniques ensure that your roof will look like new. Our roof cleaners have extensive experience in the field and can identify any underlying issues with the roof before they start work, such as rot or weakened shingles. We also inspect your gutters to make sure they are free of debris and can repair any damage that may be present.

Our team takes the utmost care to ensure that your home is not damaged during the cleaning process. We take careful steps to protect sensitive areas before beginning any work, our services also include a thorough cleanup of the work area and disposal of any debris created during cleaning. At AM Property Services, we understand that roof cleaning is an important part of home maintenance. Our team is dedicated to providing you with quality results and peace of mind. Contact us today for more information or to schedule your roof-cleaning appointment. We look forward to helping you get your roof looking like new!
By AM Property Services